Suhas has 20 years of experience in advertising. He's paid
his dues in 3 agencies. And worked on paints, amusement
parks, air conditioners, mobile phones, lingerie, cars,
washing machines, ice creams, rural banking, TV channels,
finance, snack bars and food. Suhas is a DIY enthusiast,
who wields the chain saw, the metal cutter and the sewing
machine with equal ease. He's also a keen gardener and has
31 bonsai plants all grown from scratch.

Suhas Parab

Mahua has been on both sides of the fence.
She's worked in both, advertising and marketing,
and has a combined experience of 17 years.
She did the rounds at McCann Erickson, Bates and Lowe
among others, and then joined the marketing team at
Beam Global on Teacher’s Scotch whiskey. She was part
of the marketing team that set up Vogue in India.
And then moved to Diageo, where she looked after
the scotches portfolio.
Mahua is a fabulous cook, who relishes the sights,
smells and sounds of food. She's also
a keen antique hunter, who's known to find bargains
in the strangest of places. Apart from books
and travelling, she's also just the right person
to give you a quick crash course on alcohol and wine.

Mahua Hazarika